EMRE In this new CD, Emre presents, in a very natural and enjoyable way, his new compositions that are clearly influenced by his Turkish roots and his strong love for flamenco and jazz . This is one of those Cds you keep on listening to...remarkable guitar techniques and melodies... impressive dialogues with percussion and saxo...an exceptional mature and enjoyable musical urban Andalusian flamenco feeling.


burbujas (rumba) 5:19
aurora (fandangos) 5:44
buleríando (bulerías) 3:49
calle verde (tangos) 6:06
plateado (sequirillas) 7:31
Aragiz (taranta) 4:29
encendida (alegrías) 4:53
crystal (rumba) 6:10
tangos de gante 6:53
istanbul (bulerías) 4:36


Emre lived in Andalusia for several years studying with the great flamenco guitar maestros such as Gerardo Núñez, Manolo Sanlúcar and Juan Manuel Cañizares. Emre is also a very gifted interpreter of the works of the great masters such as Paco de Lucia and Tomatito. By wining the 3rd prize at the Festival Nacional de Jóvenes Flamencos / VIII Concurso de Guitarra Flamenca in Calasparra (Murcia 2005) and by being a finalist in the Concurso de Guitarra Flamenca ‘Niño Ricardo’ (Murcia 2006), Emre is now considered to be one of the leading and most prominent flamenco guitarists in the ‘Northern Countries’.