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Authorized distributor of Conde Hermanos ESP, Pedro de Miguel ESP, Juan Miguel González ESP, Juan Montero Aguilera ESP, Jose Marin Plazuelo ESP, Francisco Navarro MEX, Vasilis Lazarides GRC, Mario Cortés ESP, Fustero ESP and many more...

Flamenco guitar makers

The truly, outstanding Flamenco Guitar Makers are located in small workshops where they built entirely by hand. Here, these experienced flamenco guitar makers can carefully select old woods, make adjustments and control quality at all stages of the construction.

The luthiers in these small workshops still have the experience to apply finish to woods by hand with a cotton pad, the so called essential French polish. Many flamenco guitar makers use different designs for the soundboard. The luthier Antonio Torres was the first who began to differentiate between a flamenco and a classical.

Later on flamenco guitar makers Arcangel Fernandez, Marcelo Barbero and Miguel Rodriguez modernized the guitar by modifying design elements of bracing and dimensions. These evolutions gave the flamenco guitar an overwhelming resonance and projection which made them perfect instruments for playing without amplification in orchestras or large halls.