Release date January 31, 2011 - Province house of Seville Welcome to the new release of La Sonanta’s ‘Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes’.

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Available in both DVD and book format, our flamenco guitar classes are created in close collaboration with the world’s best gypsy flamenco guitar maestros, who are the true treasure keepers of flamenco music.

On the occasion of the launch of the new DVDs and books 'Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes' by Paco Fernandez's, the Spanish television station, Giralda TV, broadcasted this program.

In this serie these renowned flamenco guitar maestros reveal the secrets behind their playing. Starting from the basics of flamenco guitar technique, they use step by step exercises based on their own CD compositions. Following these clear lessons will enable you to reach the final level of the Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes which will allow you to play along with the Maestros’ stage performance of the same compositions.

Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes

Our ‘Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes’ DVDs include a number of aids that help you to enjoy learning, such as:

 • Multicamera views showing simultaneously both the left and right hand performances of all compositions at a slow pace.

 • Authentic flamenco guitar transcriptions, approved by the maestro, in both standard music notation and tablature

 • On screen rhythmical flamenco compas guidance of the original CD tracks

 At La Sonanta we know that the secret of Flamenco guitar is more than simply technique. That is why our DVDs provide you with an in-depth understanding of and background to flamenco life and culture through revealing interviews with the maestro, his friends and family. Flamenco Guiatr Maestro Classes In the first of our DVD flamenco guitar clasess, the flamenco guitar maestro and composer ‘Paco Fernández’ invites us, not only to study his flamenco guitar techniques and exercises, but also to acquire the complete compositions of his latest CD Sastipén Talí, a fascinating balanced blend between traditional and modern flamenco guitar. Sastipén Talí enables us all to discover flamenco in its purest form...going on a journey through different musical styles such as Indian, African, Andalusian rhythms and the unmistakable flamenco sound of Paco Fernández.

Paco Fernandez was born in 1967 in Triana, in the heart of one of the most prestigious families in the world of flamenco. The legacy of his father, Curro Fernandez, and his mother, Pepa Vargas, versed Paco as well as his brother José and sister Esperanza, in the most pure gypsy style. With one of the most recognized flamenco families, "La Familia Fernandez", Paco performed at the best festivals and concerts in Spain, America, Europe, Japan and India. Paco has performed and recorded with leading flamenco singers such as Camarón de la Isla, El Farruco, El Chocolate, Potito, Duquende, Niña Pastori as well as with leading flamenco guitar players such as Gerardo Núñez, Tomatito, Raimundo Amador, Rafael Riqueni, Anton Jimenez and with leading dancers such as Antonio Canales, Joaquín Cortés, Juana Amaya and many more.

Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes
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david bernal gonzalez

posted onsábado 10 de abril de 2010 12:51:44 a.m. CEST
who is the price? ty

Alvis Jenkins

posted onmartes 4 de mayo de 2010 05:00:55 a.m. CEST
Please let me know when the DVD and book is available and cost. Gracias

Bennet Tao

posted onmartes 15 de junio de 2010 10:57:59 a.m. CEST
I love it. Please let me know when the DVD and book is available and cost. Thx. Bennet


posted onmartes 6 de julio de 2010 09:22:34 p.m. CEST
je suis de debut de mon age j aime le flaminco mais j ai pas pu occasion de l apprendre aide moi avec des partition svp.guitariste


posted onmartes 6 de julio de 2010 09:24:40 p.m. CEST
des le debut de mon age j ai aimer ce style de musique mais j ai pas pu l apprendre aide moi avec des partition svp


posted onviernes 23 de julio de 2010 06:25:37 p.m. CEST
por favor dejadme saber cuando esta disponible


posted onsábado 14 de agosto de 2010 12:38:35 p.m. CEST
Pouvez-vous m'indiquer quand le DVD sera disponible et à quel prix svp ? Merci

La Sonanta

posted onviernes 1 de octubre de 2010 09:29:09 p.m. CEST
Information update on the DVD launch: Just recently Paco was at the La Sonanta studios to review the final version of the DVDs and he decided to add and shoot additional filming that we are doing now with him. So the bad news is that it will take us a bit more time to complete the DVDs and books, but the goods news is that there will be additional shots and lessons on it, resulting in very intensive and long lessons. Will keep you posted. The La Sonanta team

La Sonanta

posted ondomingo 31 de octubre de 2010 12:47:52 a.m. CEST
Updated release date. We are almost ready to go to the printing office with this production. Release is to be expected around end of November 2010. La Sonanta


posted onmiércoles 10 de noviembre de 2010 06:43:55 p.m. CET
Hey Rezar, thanks for the falseta por Tangos. Very nice. Gr. Leon


posted onjueves 11 de noviembre de 2010 02:08:55 p.m. CET
A very big thankyou to all at La Sonanta. Love Puro Flamenco , but also appreciate the more jazzy-modern touches shown by Rezar . Oh . . .is the Maestro Classes dvd ready yet ? And what is the price ? Cheers , G

David Biering

posted onsábado 27 de noviembre de 2010 04:30:56 p.m. CET

Jan Willems

posted ondomingo 5 de diciembre de 2010 12:13:17 p.m. CET
Wanneer kan ik deze productie in mijn bezit krijgen?

La Sonanta

posted onjueves 16 de diciembre de 2010 11:13:21 a.m. CET
Release update: DVDs are being currently pressed, books are being the new year will also introduce the maestro production by Paco Fernandez.

Aleksandar Miletic

posted onlunes 31 de enero de 2011 06:58:00 p.m. CET
FANTASTIC CD. And Paco Fernandez... well, absolutely love him.

Remco Kas

posted ondomingo 6 de febrero de 2011 02:09:35 a.m. CET
Ben benieuwd, de bestelling is geplaatst! Succes met de DVD release!

Long Bradley

posted onsábado 19 de marzo de 2011 04:22:42 a.m. CET
I'm trying to order vols 1 + 2 on this site but I can't click on the add to cart button.

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