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ZOID Z-1000 Tuner

€ 35,00

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The new ZOID Tuners: Superior Sabine Tuning in a Clip-on, for all stringed instruments.

All the convenience of a clip-on tuner, but this one has that rock-solid Sabine tuning algorithm. Just clip it on to your instrument, and the Zoid instantly displays the note you play. The bright two-color LCD and the high-resolution needle combine to tell you exactly where your note is, and the LCD fires bright green when you are in-tune. Tune with the clip that transfers the note directly to the tuner – great for noisy rooms. Or tune with the built-in mic if you want to share the tuner.

Sabine’s well-known accuracy gives you confidence in your tuning, and the Zoid lets you tune amazingly fast. This is not a toy – this is a truly professional instrument tuner, backed by Sabine’s two-year warranty and unmatched customer service.
If you’re ready for precision, reliability and speed, you’re ready for the Zoid!

Automatic note sensing
Clip mode: Senses notes through the clip
Mic mode: Senses notes with built-in mic
LCD with simulated needle display, +/- 50 cents
Flat tune mode, up to four ½ steps
Two-color LCD – bright green for in-tune, red for sharp or flat
Manual calibration, 433 - 447 Hz
Big note indicator
Auto-shutoff after 3 minutes with no signal
7-octave tuning range
ZOID Specs, both models:

Dimensions (without clip): 2.37 x 1.5 x 0.55 in; 6 x 3.8 x 1.3 cm
Weight: 1.3 oz. (37 grams)
Battery: One CR2032 3V Lithium (included)
Memory: All settings recalled from power-down Saber más

€ 75,50

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The AX Contact Tuner changed the way we think about tuners. Now the original chromatic contact tuner is even better. Get in tune faster than ever with the new AX3000 Series Contact Tuner from Sabine.

Grabs Notes... The new AX3000 responds instantly to your note, and holds it longer for easy tuning. It grabs those low notes all the way down to the 5-string bass, and the highest ones on mandolins. The new MagnaPad magnifies the note for the contact mic and Sabine’s super-fast tuning circuit beams the note’s status to the three-color LED display.

And Grabs Guitars... The MagnaPad: This new 21st century material has a phenomenal ability to stay put, yet releases with a twist – just like a magnet. Pull the AX straight up and the tuner won’t budge, but give it a twist and it comes right off. This new material works by attraction, not adhesion, so it leaves your guitar’s finish alone. Perfect for standard & alternate tunings, or with a capo.

Built-in, cordless Contact Mic
Three-Color LED Display – flashes yellow for flat, red for sharp, green for in-tune
Auto-Recalibration – matches the pitch of any instrument
DomeHome™ Hard Shell Case
MagnaPad™ – easy to mount & remove the AX - works just like a magnet!
Long-Life Lithium Battery included
Mounts directly on your guitar with new MagnaPad™ - always at your fingertips for a perfect view
InTouch™ Contact Mic picks up your instrument's vibrations
It’s cordless!
World’s smallest tuner
Full range chromatic scale
Automatic power down
Quartz Accuracy Saber más
Flamenco Metronome

€ 76,00

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The essential new flamenco metronome, whether you play the guitar, cajón or palmas, dance or sing. This flamenco metronome also has the classic metronome, a chromatic tuner and is programmed with all major flamenco palos:
Alegrías (ALE) = 70-150 bpm
Bulerías (BUL)= 140-260 bpm
Colombianas (COL) = 80-200 bpm
Fandangos (FAN)= 80-200 bpm
Farruca (FARR)= 70 -190 bpm
Guajira (GUA)= 120-220 bpm
Rumba (RUM)= 70-200 bpm
Seguiriya (SEG) = 100-210 bpm
Sevillanas (SEV)= 100-220 bpm
Soleá por Bulerías (SOxB)= 100-180 bpm
Soleá (SOL)= 70-140 bpm
Tangos (TAN)= 90-180 bpm
Tanguillo (TGLLO)= 200-360 bpm
Tientos (TIEN)= 70-140 bpm
Verdiales (VER)= 80-160 bpm

Runs on a 9V Battery
Input Jack - ¼” for Piezo Pickup
Front Speaker with adjustable volume
Dimensions: 146x65x34 mm
Weight: 178 g
Mini earphone jack
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Chromatic Guitar Tuner

€ 19,25

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Chromatic & guitar/bass selection mode. Automatic & manual note selections.
Three LEDs assist indicator.
Calibration 430-445 Hz.
Accurate LCD meter.
Including battery! Saber más
Clip-On Metronome and tuner

€ 20,50

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Dimension LxWxH: 120 x 33 x 160mm
Power: 3V (Cr2032)
Tolerance: 1
Colour: Black
Metronome Beat:
Rhythm: Tempo: 30-250 bpm
Tuning Item: Ukulele, Guitar, Bass, Chromatic
Flat tuning options: b, bb
A4 frequency: 410-450Hz
Tuning range: 1Eb-8C Saber más
Flamenco Guitar Trainer

€ 98,25

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Practical trainer for flamenco guitar.
Suitable for frequent travellers.

Mahogany body & neck, rosewood fingerboard, 6 frets, 334mm scale, 52mm nut widt, extendable flamenco tap plate, nylon strings, included strap & carrying bag. Saber más
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