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Mexico Flamenco CD

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Mexico Flamenco CD

Two countries, two cultures, two voices, two legends, the most important voices of flamenco rendered to the art of Mexican music.

Flamenco and Mexican music have more in common than their language that brings them together. Just as Mexico is the Latin country that has always welcomed the best flamenco, it is common to hear the Mexican ranchera con palmas a compás in any Spanish tablao. Traditional Mexican rancheras are about love, patriotism or nature. It dates to the years of the Mexican Revolution in the early 20th century. With this CD, Mexico had never sounded so flamenco and flamenco never so Mexican. Unlike many mergers or supervening mixtures, "Mexico Flamenco" is a meeting between the Mexican singing and the flamenco sound of the XXI century. Like many aficionados know, flamenco had evolved into a leading style combining tradition with the most throbbing evolution, always retaining the ancestral flavor. Timeless tunes of Agustin Lara, José José and Vicente Fernandez, and, of course, the grand master Jose Alfredo Jimenez are reborn and rewritten. Bulerías, rumbas, tangos flamencos o alegrías and cantadas are sung with the unmistakable "quejío" jondo. Leading figures del cante (singing) in its fullness such as Diego El Cigala, Remedios Amaya, Enrique Heredia "Negri", Montse Cortés, Vicente Castro "Parrita" Guadiana, José Soto Sorderita, Aurora Losada, the legendary bolero Moncho or el dúo Los Banis. All gypsy voices that add the invaluable participation of Silvia Perez Cruz and the Venezuelan Oscar d'Leon, marking a groundbreaking duet as special guest of El Cigala.
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