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French polish recoverer 250ml

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French polish recoverer 250ml

With this product it is almost impossible to harm the French polish of your guitar. It's easy to apply even for untrained hands. When polishing dull and faded shellac surfaces with this polish, the wonderful shining look of your French polished guitar can be recovered. Only to be used if sufficient shellac is available on your guitar before applying. Surface Polish very finely polishes surfaces finished with Shellac (French polishing) and modern lacquers. Like all polishing products it removes a very small amount of material and should therefore only be used on surfaces that have enough thickness of the material to be polished. If there is hardly any shellac left on the surface of your guitar, this product will also not be able to polish it and may even remove the last bit.

Use “Surface Polish” for improving old French polished guitar surfaces and finishing off the quality of new French polishing.

How to improve, recover old French polished surfaces:
1. Remove old layers of shellac by degreasing your guitar with French polish cleaner and reviver.
2. Apply this 'Surface Polish' liberally to a soft cloth and start polishing the surface WITH LITTLE OR NO PRESSURE
3. Process relatively small sections at once.
4. Keep polishing until the surface is dry and clean again.
5. Repeat procedure if needed.
6. When finished, apply French polish protector or traditional wax to protect the finished surface.

Note: Surface Polish contains solvents so try it out on a scrap piece of the material to be treated to prevent unwanted effects! La Sonanta can not be held responsible for any incorrect use or damages, injuries either direct or indirect of any kind. Please consult the MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS by clicking on the pictures for detailed information.
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