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Flamenco Guitar Studies - Tangos (Book + DVD)

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Flamenco Guitar Studies - Tangos (Book + DVD)

Progressive studies for Flamenco Guitar. Tangos (Book/DVD) - Mehdi Mohagheghi

Language: Spanish and English

Tangos studies for flamenco guitar, suitable for all levels. Measures and falsetas, including variations are studied gradually, reaching an accurate level to play falsetas of famous flamenco guitarists. Once you mastered all the studies, you will be able to play your own pieces mixing different falsetas as studied in this DVD.

Multiple audio options: Guitar and Cajón, Guitar and Metronomo, Guitar, Cajón

DVD Contents: a simple phrase with a complete compas, another example, simple phrase using rasgueos, another example, an example with ligados, an example with different ligados in comparison of lesson 7, an example with a different type of rasgueso, another variation, another variation with a little complicacy, a variation, two complete compases, another example with two complete compases, another variation, a variation with syncopation, an example using 4-stroke rasgueos, an example using rasgueos and ligados, an example using arpeggios, another variation using alzapua, a variation efficient for starting or ending of a tangos, another variation efficient for ending of a tangos, a simple falseta (pay attention about the start beat), a traditional falseta useful for arpegios and alzapua, a falseta by Paco Peña, an alzapua phrase which can be used as a falseta, a modern falseta by Chicuelo useful for picados technique, a falseta by Moraito using picados, another falseta by Paco Peña using picados and pulgar, a famous falseta using alzapua by Paco de Lucia, a traditional falseta using alzapua, an arpegios phrase by Paco Cepero which can be used as a falseta, a falseta by Paco Peña using picados which can be used as an introduction of a tango, a chic falseta using picados and alzapua, a falseta with more complicated alzapua by Gerardo Nuñez, an arpegios falseta useful to improve the right hand technique by Moraito, a modern famous falseta, a falseta using picados
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