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Flamenco guitar strings

Finding the right flamenco guitar strings is a personal choice depending on your preferences for a specific sound like earthier basses or brighter trebles, the characteristics of your instrument, your playing technique and your fingernails.

Flamenco guitar strings are made in different tensions, low, medium and high. Some prefer high tension flamenco guitar strings, providing  a more brilliant, percussive sound, but many guitarists seem to favour the medium tension. The higher the tension of your flamenco guitar string, the lower the playability, the more muscle power needed to play.

The softer the nylon, the higher the playability, the lower the tension will be, the slower the sound waves will travel resulting in a less percussive, more mellow sound. As a start, La Sonanta recommends to use high tension flamenco guitar strings for the basses and medium tension flamenco guitar strings for the trebles.