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Flamenco guitar music

No matter how technically refined flamenco guitar music has become, even virtuosos like Paco de Lucia and the late Sabicas, would define it in terms of singing rather than of technique.

Flamenco is commonly played using a cejilla or capo in order to change the key of the guitar to match the singer's vocal range. In addition to the classical techniques, flamenco guitar music is uniquely characterized by the use of golpes or percussive finger tapping on a tapping plate or golpeador and by rasgueados or strumming.

Once mastered the rasgueado can be one of the most impressive parts of flamenco guitar music. The three modes used in flamenco guitar music are the Ionian mode, the Aolean mode and the Phrygian mode. Nowadays, different instruments like the percussion box or cajon, violin, cello or flute are used in flamenco guitar music.