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Authorized distributor of Conde Hermanos ESP, Pedro de Miguel ESP, Juan Miguel González ESP, Juan Montero Aguilera ESP, Jose Marin Plazuelo ESP, Francisco Navarro MEX, Vasilis Lazarides GRC, Mario Cortés ESP, Fustero ESP and many more...

Luthiers and Artisans

Large selection of student and concert flamenco guitars, books, DVD, at low prices, free video lessons and free flamenco guitar tabs.

La Sonanta has invested an incredible amount of time in discovering, visiting and exploring the finest artisans whom remained true, authentic craftsmen… all using signed labels and noble materials of the highest quality. As a result we have discovered artisans that will not always be known to you as great names, but where we find the incomparable, true magic happening.

As a result, La Sonanta has established intense close relationships with Andres Marvi, Gil De Avale, Conde Hermanos, Pedro de Miguel, Jose Marin Plazuelo, Juan Miguel González, Salvador Castillo, Juan Montero Aguilera, Francisco Navarro, Vasilis Lazarides, Andrés Dominguez Guerrero, Francisco Barba, Antonio Raya Pardo, Mario Cortes, Fustero, ...and many more.

Below you can view photographs of one of our many visits while exchanging ideas, determining specifications, discussing your requests or testing our new flamenco guitars.

”Marvi"Selecting woods for a new flamenco negra at the workshop of el maestro guitarrero Andres D. Marvi
”Reyes"Again receiving a new flamenco from the workshop of el maestro guitarrero Manual Reyes
”Juan'El maestro guitarreros Vicente Carrillo and Juan Miguel González Morales'
Meeting to view the progress of our ordered tuners from the legendary workshop of Fustero, while looking at the engraving by hand
La Sonanta at the Guiatr workshop of Mariano Conde
Oscar Herrero
La Sonanta at master luthier Juan Miguel Gonzalez
Oscar Herrero
La Sonanta at master luthier Andres Marvi
la sonanta
Receiving a new flamenca in the workshop of Juan Montero Aguilera is always a wonderful moment
la sonanta
Happy to be again at the workshop of 'el maestro guitarrero Jose Marin Plazuelo' 

Looking at our guitars to be built by 'el maestro guitarrero Vasilis Lazarides' in Athens