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Learn and practise accompanying the SEVILLANAS

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Learn and practise accompanying the SEVILLANAS

(DVD/Booklet) by Jose Manuel Montoya

This DVD and booklet explains how to accompany and practice the SEVILLANAS. 200 minutes DVD content: Exercises and strumming, "Llamadas", Sevillanas Am, Sevillanas A, Sevillanas Em, Sevillanas E, Sevillanas E frigio, Sevillanas A frigio. 5 languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Japanese.

Musicians: Curro Cueto: Cante y flute, Marcos Parra: Cajón, Marisa Sánchez: Baile and palmas, Mª Jesús Humanes: Baile and palmas, David García Llave: Palmas and Zambomba, Rafael Fernández: Palmas

Includes score booklet (56 pages). Five cameras recorded the whole process. The student can see both guitar hands on screen, explanation of the strumming techniques, the timing and rhythmic cycle of the Sevillanas, all at slow and normal speed along with practical exercises. At slow speed the voice is replaced by a flute. 24 different kind of Sevillanas are performed in the most common keys in different melodies. At all stages the sound of the guitar can be muted enabling you to with the group (singing, clapping and percussion).
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