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Authorized distributor of Conde Hermanos ESP, Pedro de Miguel ESP, Juan Miguel González ESP, Juan Montero Aguilera ESP, Jose Marin Plazuelo ESP, Francisco Navarro MEX, Vasilis Lazarides GRC, Mario Cortés ESP, Fustero ESP and many more...

Customer Testimonials

Since treating you fairly is at the heart of everything we do, we welcome You to find out what our customers say about us. We thank you for taking the time to write a testimonial of your experiences with La Sonanta. To do so, please review us by filling in this short form. We know that a dissatisfied customer reflects his own opinion better than a satisfied customer. Therefore, we are particularly proud of all these testimonials.

Odette Bibb:
Dear Kathleen, Thank you. I am very happy with my other top….. And the u tube dance lessons! Odette Bibb
Mark Rogerson:
Hi Kathleen The flamenco skirt, blouse and shoes for our daughter arrived safely by UPS on Friday. She tried them on Saturday morning and everything fitted perfectly. We are all very pleased. Thank you for your help and excellent service! Best regards Mark Rogerson
Sébastien FATOUT:
Un grand merci pour la qualité de l'accueil, des conseils, des produits, et des concerts! Je suis très satisfait de ma guitare et de mon cajon. A bientôt. Sébastien.
Wilhelm  :
Hello La Sonanta, thank you for your good service and quick shipment. All arrived completely and well. Best regards Wilhelm
Wilhelm :
Allo LaSonanata, merci pour votre compréhension et l'envoi rapide de mes articles désirés. Ils sont tous arrivés aujourd'hui, et j'en suis très heureux. Je vous souhaite un bon week-end. Sincèrement Wilhelm
Charles :
I think, what "la Sonanta" does is outstanding in promoting Flamenco in Europe and the world. Thank You once again
Juan Antonio :
Hola, Recibido el pedido en perfecto estado. Un Saludo Juan Antonio
martin :
hola, estoy emocionado por su contenido. las clases de guitarra son impresionantes para mi que soy aprendiz del flamenco. saludos cordiales.
Derek :
Dear La Sonanta, my Jeronimo Maya flamenco guitar is truly 'super flamenco'. I was working all weekend so didn't get the chance to play it properly but the last couple of days I have played her a lot and I fall more in love with it every time I pick it up. It is exactly the sound and feel that I have been looking for for a very long time. Your passion in this world is a key and is very much appreciated.
Andre :
Hello La Sonanta, I received the guitar in perfect condition. When I got my José Gonzales Lopez I thought there could not be something better, but this Jeronimo Maya flamenco guitar is even better . The guitar is beautiful, small with a playability that I've never seen equal. The sound of it is amazing, with a beautiful colour in the trebles and a rasp and burn at the low strings, that makes it an authentic old flamenco guitar.

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