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U 50 Bongodu

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U 50 Bongodu

U 50 Bongodu
H 40 cm Ø 20 cm, with floor base

The origin of the Udu drums lies in Nigeria. Members of the Hausa and Ibo tribes discovered the wonderful sound of these earthenware instruments with two openings. Udu means “clay pot” in the language of the Ibos. Originally from Africa, the Udu can also be found in Latin America and the Caribbean. Having made the leap into western music culture, the Udus belong to the basics of every percussionist as sound-effect and rhythm instruments. They are played by rhythmically opening and closing the side-hole with the palm of the hand. This produces a deep bass tone, reminiscent of the sound of the Indian Tabla. This playing technique is combined with the bright, percussive body-sound produced by hitting any part of the pot with the fingers. All our Udu drums are hand-turned – this manufacturing technique guarantees optimum sound development.

This Udu 50 is adapted from the skin drum, this Udu has a slightly domed playing surface with two sound holes for playing, which yield different bass tones, while the rest of the body produces a whole range of varied sounds.
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